26 thoughts on “Day 1, Page 23”

  1. Man, I love this comic! Silvain’s quick “you took it first”, Mace’s face when he says “yeah, no” and the whole bottom panels – wow, love it! Great art, great dialogue and the story’s got me hooked.

  2. LMAO, Mace’s dry humor cracks me up everytime! But Silvain’s face in that last panel… looks like he’s about had enough of the Canadian jokes/slights (;一_一)

    And he really should do something about that ‘surprise’ Stealy dropped on him there, looks like its running down the front now… eep. But at least its kinda like they’ve got matching skidmarks on their jackets XD…. ironic symbolism, yes.

  3. Québécois… ben tabarnak
    That was unexpected.

    By the way, someone actually mistook me too for swedish recently. Is it a thing? Are the accents somewhat similar too someone who speaks neither languages?

    1. Haha! That’s great. All I did was think, “How would someone really ignorant mistake a Quebecois accent?” and Swedish was my first thought so I went with it. I don’t think it’s a thing.

  4. Aidez-moi!!! I’m not seeing anything that would lead me to ALT text. I’m seeing a “Select Storyline” menu & “Boned Lite”. Suggestions? Merci…

      1. I’m not on a mobile but on a heavily-filtered work computer that can only be updated by Admin. Maybe that’s the issue. A number of things don’t work. All I get when I hover is “the spy who maybe shagged me??” It’s okay. Having enough fun with this anyway. :-D

  5. I think it’s the first comic I read whit a character Quebecois!!! awesome!!!!(I’m so over excited! But even if there’s Canadians comics….because most of us don’t think ourselves has Canadians, but has Quebecois it’s so not the same!!!!)

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