Day 2, Page 33

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Day 2

12 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 33”

  1. This is probably more common on the NY subway than most people think. One of the reasons I would think twice before going in there with sandals, let alone barefoot, which I have seen. Yuck. Otherwise, the last page and this page are hot and cute. The interaction between these two is entertaining to watch.

  2. I noticed his brow furrows when the guy walks past-that’s awesome touch of detail because he’s a clean freak and he’s like ‘eww you stepped in it’

  3. That small messed up part of Sil’s hair is strangely adorable.

    And that is a very good question indeed. Mace can ponder about it while they wait for more people to step on their little ..mess xD

  4. At first, the “who’s got you?” line made me feel a smidgen of “poormace.” But the more I read it–because I’ve actually reread this page like infinite times now–the more I saw it in a more, “so I’m basically screwed,” kinda way.

    Basically, I love them.

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