12 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 22”

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha. Red-tailed hawks sort of do have tails that look like that when their wings are all tucked up, don’t they? I’ve never thought of it that way! I’ve always thought of their tails as finding those few rare orange autumn leaves when all you see are those dead leaves on a tree in fall. A surprise sort of.

  1. I kind of had to laugh at your red-tailed hawk because the red-tailed hawks I remember were bigger (of course, I was like 8 when I saw them up close) but then I had to Google image them and put my 8-year-old perspective in line with my 26-year-old perspective (not laughing now.) He’s very cute! He has hawk eyes on our couple. I wonder if Mace saw him in that last panel or if he’s looking at something else.

    1. Maybe it’s a prize for if things get published, like, kickstarters could pay something extra to have their name show up on a gravestone or somewhere else!

  2. There metaphoric birds mean that the dark lonely graves gave them raging-…. bulge stares, blue balls, idk. Im reaching page 106 where it stops soooo im trying to put as much lust in this before I have to hold my horses. (side thought- i LOVE the sexy time. P.S. silvain looks very well endowed <3) ;-)

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