Chapter 3 Now Available

Chapter Three is finally up in the shop!

A third cat for a third book.

A third cat for a third book.

Bonus content includes 3 pages of mini-comics and 4 pages of 18+ content.

Charms will still be included with each mail order until they’re gone. Buying the print books would help me more but I totally understand if you’d prefer PDF! If you have any trouble at all drop me an email and I’ll sort you out.

Disclaimer: Each chapter is different in paper weight, cover weight, finish and even dimensions slightly so only order if you’re okay with this. I’ll spare you the drama it took to make these print runs even happen but I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. The latest book is the highest quality so at least we’re ending on a good note.

Once again thank you for all of the support you’ve shown over the years. I hope everyone stays safe and well.

AAC Strip/Nena Donation Video/Status Update

The last AAC strip is up right here. Sorry if I never got to your question.

A kind soul generously donated 20 WHOLE DOLLARS so, as promised, Nena whispered at a cat. You may think she did it at night so that no one would see her foolery but it was early and there were people out so you would be wrong.

She’s willing to say whatever dumb words you want as she pets and feeds a random stray cat on the streets of Japan. All you have to do is throw your money in the trash.

My progress on the final book is about 30%. There will be 7 bonus pages, 4 of which are dirty. Well that’s all I’ve got for now have a lovely day buh bye.

Day 3, Page 40 (The End)

This is the final page. I planned for the story to be open ended not knowing at the time if I’d want to continue. I’m glad I could share these idiots with people. If you have any questions I might answer them since I’m officially putting the story to bed.

I still have to create bonus material and edit content for print. I might also finish a few Ask A Character strips I neglected. When book 3 is ready to order I’ll make a new post. You can keep an eye out here, on Tumblr or sign up for the mailing list I created specifically for this (you won’t receive emails about anything else):


Continued Support

All of my money goes towards moving my homestead off-grid. A portion of net profit will go to Nena for her alt text which she’ll probably spend on alcohol. If you want to show appreciation then one of these things would be the most significant:

The books have sexy extras and a few short, dumb strips. There will be no reprints so once I run out they’re gone forever. If you don’t already have the first two chapters you probably want to wait until chapter 3 comes out so you can save on shipping by buying the trilogy all at once. Sign up for the mailing list above and I’ll ping you when they’re available.The charm prices have been greatly reduced. Every book order will receive a random free charm until they’re all gone. A few lucky people will get a charm on clear acrylic or wood instead of black acrylic.

Please note that orders won’t ship until the end of June because I’m out of town.

If you don’t want any shit and just appreciate this train wreck narrated by Nena I guess you could donate. For every dollar you send Nena will whisper a word to a cat. If you send enough dollars, some very lucky cat is going to hear the entirety of Boned whispered at them.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in any way whether it was to leave a comment, link to the site, translate or just read this. I appreciate everything! (ˊᗜˋ )੭

– Alice