Day 3, Page 40 (The End)

This is the final page. I planned for the story to be open ended not knowing at the time if I’d want to continue. I’m glad I could share these idiots with people. If you have any questions I might answer them since I’m officially putting the story to bed.

I still have to create bonus material and edit content for print. I might also finish a few Ask A Character strips I neglected. When book 3 is ready to order I’ll make a new post. You can keep an eye out here, on Tumblr or sign up for the mailing list I created specifically for this (you won’t receive emails about anything else):


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– Alice

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39 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 40 (The End)”

  1. Aww, it’s finished. What a sweet and great end. I like endings like this, but same time it’s bittersweet, because of that End means no more.
    I will like to imagine that Sil will be back in town for a visit some day, and will look up Mace again.

    Thank you so much for this great story Alice. I’m one who hasn’t gotten any books yet (damn finances), so will order all three together (international shipping) and hope there’s enough left of book 1&2.

      1. Yes yes.. Sadly yes they must come to an end… *sighss* now i gotta figure out what to do on my sundays… (Probably study and do homework but naaahh who does that anywayss…… Ohdearlordimintrouble)

  2. <333 Enjoyed this quirky comic so much and will miss seeing it popping up on my feed. Congratulations for finishing a project of such a large scope and good luck, excitement and success for your next endeavours!!

  3. There never was an online comic that touched my heart more than this one. The ending came so sudden, It caught me totally offhand. I will miss it so hard and there is definitely a hole left in my heart which nothing can fill up. The end is not really a happy end but also not a bad end and thats why I absolutely cant deal with it properly. Im sobbing so hard right now. I definitely will get the whole comic now as soon as the third chapter is available. Thank you so much for this outstanding masterpiece!

    1. I’m so humbled by what you’ve said and don’t really have an adequate response. I didn’t think I would touch anyone like this. I’m sorry for the abrupt ending, there was a chance I’d continue the adventure with a new arc but many reasons caused that to be impossible. (-‿-) Thank you very much!

  4. Just a thought, but have you considered making some SFW prints of the books? I have a lot of straight friends I think would really love the story, but might be a little squeamish about dicks and whatnot.

    1. Haha, I considered making a “safe” version for my poor mother to read but realized I’d be censoring almost the entire story. I could easily remove just the graphic scenes if there’s a market for that. Maybe a really cheap PDF would work?

  5. I read “The End” and was like, what? No. Like. No. I was seriously protesting on the inside. I adore this story, and although I kind of saw this coming, because I wasn’t sure how Mace and Sil would even continue to see each other, I really didn’t want it to happen. Regardless, this has been a fantastic story, thank you so much. I find the ending bittersweet, and real.

    Still not happy it’s over.


  6. Awwwww, I’m sorry that it’s the end. *sniff* Now I have to imagine the rest. (Sigh, I know, I have to use my brain. But, what about the fun alt-text! I’m so going to miss that….)

  7. Thank you for making such a fun and wonderful comic! I admit, i’m going to miss Boned, but I am just happy you chose to share this story with us. Do you think you might make any other comics in the future? Thank you again, and good luck with Ghoul House!

  8. I mean it is bittersweet that its ended,despite my initial thoughts on the comic I ended up really enjoying the story, because there is no more. However, I’m glad you ended it instead of dragging out the story to the point where it is no longer enjoyable and you ended it at a good place. Best of luck with your future projects!

  9. Haha, omg *sits here smiling at the screen like an idiot*. I gotta say, that was a really cute and beautiful way to wrap up this hilarious and sexy adventure! An ‘open ending’ is so perfect for these two; and of course in my future interpretation they will meet each other again to pick up where they left off, hehe <3

    This comic truly is a gem; I'm grateful to you for sharing it with us, Alice ♥. You're amazing both as an artist and storyteller. I loved every entertaining moment of the past 4 years, and I learned quite a few new things too! haha ;) Nena darling, your alt-texts and witty banter gave me life ♥ A+, 5-star, sheer works of art – a 'peasant' like me remains unworthy *lol*.

    Here's hoping I get the pleasure to enjoy more of your work in the future. Bless you guys, and much success to you both ;)

  10. Aaawwww… :hug: I’m sorry I missed the ending. I switched browsers and … I’m sorry.

    I didn’t think it was going to end like this, but it’s a nice slice of life ending.

    I was actually going to say something else until I saw the words ‘The End’.

    I was going to say I know that building. You saw it over on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn didn’t you?… but I don’t care so much about that now. I feel like crying that it’s all over even though I was gone for so long.

    Take care. :)

  11. Read this all in one sitting after someone on Tumblr recommended it to me. While the art was lovely and I loved the full page and double page painting spreads, the writing was fantastic and my favorite aspect of the story. Witty, hilarious, slightly dry–everything I love in humor. Great storytelling, great characters. A wonderful read with a slightly bittersweet, but realistic ending. Well, besides the talking (??) birds. Great work!

  12. this was a really great comic and i loved All of it <3
    seriously the art was amazing
    the alt text funny af
    and the plot actively enjoyable to read
    im glade you shared this with the world even if i am a couple years late

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