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7 thoughts on “Prologue, Page 1”

  1. I’ve just stumbled across this webcomic and let me just say: *♫ whistle ♫* Niiiiice! Your artwork is quite eye-catching, Alice! Not to mention starting off with a naked, sexy Mace~ ★★★★★ 5/5!
    And that mouse-over text! Pffft! I think I’m gonna like it here very much…. LMFAO…XD

  2. Just read through the first 25 pages, and I still really love this page. The art and anatomy is gorgeous. Mace is a hottie! Can’t wait to try and keep up with his adventures.

  3. I know I did not just reach the end. No please tell me I did not get caught up.
    I need more sexy boy times! I need more weird and wonderful Mace thoughts! I need to know why Mace can talk to birds! I need Sil and BJ and I need more of this art style like nothing I’ve seen before!
    Please I’m not ready to be caught up!

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