Chapter 3 Now Available

Chapter Three is finally up in the shop!

A third cat for a third book.

A third cat for a third book.

Bonus content includes 3 pages of mini-comics and 4 pages of 18+ content.

Charms will still be included with each mail order until they’re gone. Buying the print books would help me more but I totally understand if you’d prefer PDF! If you have any trouble at all drop me an email and I’ll sort you out.

Disclaimer: Each chapter is different in paper weight, cover weight, finish and even dimensions slightly so only order if you’re okay with this. I’ll spare you the drama it took to make these print runs even happen but I don’t want anyone to be disappointed. The latest book is the highest quality so at least we’re ending on a good note.

Once again thank you for all of the support you’ve shown over the years. I hope everyone stays safe and well.

Comic Storylines

Day 3

15 thoughts on “Chapter 3 Now Available”

  1. OH MY GAWD! I hope everything is still available until my funds are transferred to my paypal on Thuesday. >_< AGH I will die if not *cry* ;A; I need this comic so bad in my life (and the charms too) U_U *sobsob*

      1. Im so glad everything was still available. My life is changing so much right now and this comic will really help me, as he did in the past. Thank you very much! ;A;

  2. Omg! I need to find the money for the books. I want them so, so bad. Of *course* I’m very low on funds right now, due to unfortunate things, but I hope to find money somewhere before books is gone. I’ve wanted the books for so long.

  3. The comics got to me today and I read them instantly. I love the extra content so much but I ended up crying so hard again. This comic gives me so many feelings. I will honor it for ever, thank you thousands!

  4. i just got my comic today and honestly it came faster than I expected! It was in perfect condition and i got the cutest charm, and a POSTCARD! I couldn’t believe it! I collect postcard in a special box and being able to put Boned into it is just an amazing surprise! I hope you continue making comics in the future because I will be there to support :D

      1. Lol you have a nack for it all! The story is just enough, characters are flushed out nice, and damn dem pretty sexy…birds xD difinatly keeping an eye on any work you produce and try to grab one of the hardcopys. <3

  5. I finally finished this. I had started reading it when it was released years ago, but school distracted me. I remembered it yesterday and searched it up. So glad to see a nice ending for the boys. I would love a sequel though lol

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