9 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 34”

  1. hmm. Mason should go with Sylvan. clearly he’s hot for him. and they’re both good at committing crimes. so they’d be a natural to go on the road together. smuggling jewels, humpin like bunnies, and saves me from feeling things. win-win-win.

  2. I keep coming back to these pages. These past few ones, especially, have been absolutely beautiful. And because it’s very late at night and I’ve been stressing out over various areas of my life all day, I’m also getting kind of emotional about this page. It keeps reminding me of two similarly intense moments in LGBT media. For those who’ve never seen Queer as Folk, the last time the characters Justin/Brian do the do is one of the most heartbreakingly, bittersweet moments I’ve seen from a couple, and this honestly has the same kind of impact on me, where I’m just internally screaming DON’T LEAVE EACH OTHER UR FKN CRAZY (although I do think it was the right choice for Justin and Brian. Just not Mace and Sil). Also, there’s The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal. At one point, one of the characters realizes the depth of his feelings for his friend, and it’s so poignantly written and expressed that you can feel the “oh shhhhiiittt no” on every level.
    Anyway, Mace’s face in that last panel seems like he’s feeling those same emotions, and he’s just not sure how to handle it.
    Or I’m reading way too into it and he’s thinking about that donut he never got to offer Sil.


    I wish I could shade like this, but nooooooo I decided to figure out colour theory on my own first. Now I can pick great colours for shading but. I. Still. Can’t. Shade. For. Shit.

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