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      1. Human albinos usually dont have red eyes. They are light blue. But the most albinos have a very low vision. Some human Albinos are nearly blind. So I think the contacts are corrected for a better view.

        1. Ah! My bad! I grew up going to school with a few albinos whose eyes were red and I made an assumption – I should know better! Thanks, Sabrina and disqus_F7yUNJr8RU, for the correction!

          1. Albinism is a very interesting thing. Many Europeans have a form of albinism that isnt visible at first sight. As I do. I have blonde Hair, very pale skin and ice blue eyes. My eyes are nearly white/transparent in the sunlight. 10 Minutes in the sun without sunblocker and I am red like a shrimp. lol

          2. What a conversation this has sparked! I’d like to clear it up a step further: red eyes in humans don’t exist even in albinism, what you’re actually seeing are the blood vessels behind an iris with very little pigment. Blue eyes could look pink or purple under certain circumstances depending on how much light is reaching the retina. It’s similar to what happens during the red-eye effect of a camera flash.

          3. Yeah that’s what I tried to say. My english is too bad for good explanations. Dx

            Anyway I think its a good thing when a comic gives topics for conversations. ^.^

          4. I actually went to high school with an African American albino. He had really pale skin, almost yellow white hair, and his irises were bright blue with obvious red blood vessels behind them – and his pupils were almost just as translucent, and looked red from up close.

          5. Whoah! THat sounds like…a character I’d have to see to believe. I didn’t know Albinism stretched out to other races. The more you know.

      2. Actually there are different forms of albinism. Some human albinos have eyes that appear purple, sometimes pink (or red),and other times blue. Actually, I think I read about a partial albinism in humans where one with that form of albinism can have a light brown color.

        It is possible that the beautiful blue coloring is natural. I just
        assumed Mace’s eyes were naturally light gray-blue. Of course, even clear contacts can sometimes alter the color your eyes appear depending on your eye’s natural color… I suppose now that his contacts are out we can have confirmation soon of his true eye color whatever it is.

        1. Thats right. The pinkish or purple eyes are indeed very rare at human albinos. In fact, human albinos can have every eye color that “normal” humans could have, only brighter.

          1. Or someone can be half albino and have spots of color, more like splotches and they tend to be heterochromatic too. If you look up partial albanism (esp. birds) there are some really cool pictures. Also, generally blue-eyed people are very light-sensitive.

    1. Actually, my guess is that if he was as bad as all that, Silvain would not have stuck around after he passed out, so I’m figuring there must be at least some white magic in his wand that Silvain would like some more access to.

  1. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned this, but nice ass on Mace! I am guessing that the contacts are for vision rather than color correction, since he couldn’t get contacts that light that would show unless his eyes were like white, an Angel just explained below why that’s not possible. Poor Mace, he is a light weight with liquor and tires out easily. Not a good combo for an active dater. :-/

  2. Sleeping with contact lenses in, oh yes, I know that feeling and it’s not a comfortable one. But either Silvain is a fast drinker, or Mace was out of it for a long time. And somehow, I still wonder, if Silvain’s tale about their first night is true, how Mace ended up underneath that chair…

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