19 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 3”

  1. Hee. You know, what Mace is offering could be considered a pick-me-up, Silvain (it would certainly be one for me!). You should consider it–it may even alleviate your parrot homicidal tendencies.

  2. Ahhh I love this comic so much, Mace just has this charm I can’t resist! The art is hella rad and the coloring is superb! Also I can’t read the hover text because I’m on my phone but I bet it’s hilarious!

  3. Mace with glasses is just awww my gawwwd…. too sexy and cute! XD :3
    Also Silvain looks like he’s ready to kill someone someone already. Hahah that comment was so needed! XD “3

  4. “I need coffee or I’m going to kill every parrot colony in this city.” Haha! Silvain is a cute grump! Mace looks nice in his glasses in that last panel scene… I’m a glasses chick ;)

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