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  1. Do we have to find the eggs? Its easter, you know? xD

    But seriously, thank you so much! Im so in love with these two, they are so cute
    (´ ▽`).。o♥♡

  2. Your efforts to deliver us penis is very much appreciated. And I rather love the expression on Silvain’s face. Put that wet nap to good use, Mace!

  3. Is it weird I will stare and stare at the pages because they’re so beautiful and I just love looking at the characters and watching their interactions? Just, so much beautiful! I love to stare~

    It’s almost funny Mace asking Silvain to trust him given all the “adventures” Mace has already dragged him along the ride for x)

  4. I didn’t know it was Easter until you guys told me!! So I drew this super quick. Mace has slept with a rabbit stuffed animal ever since he was a little kid. He hides it under his bed whenever he has company over. Only BJ knows of its existence.

    1. Well your super quick drawing is super cute :)

      And a little informations to come with it, can I just say d’aaaw.. and then I’ll try to not think of reasons why he does this (if there is a reason)

  5. Ugh, antivirus somehow blocked my ability to respond to these gorgeous pages. This is one of the best. Alice, you are able to depict passion in a most enticing and realistic fashion. I draw your attention to Silvain’s face in panel three. His eyes, the pinch of his brow, the flush in his cheeks is sublime but as an artist I appreciate the angle of Mace’s head in that shot. I read a depth of emotion and vulnerability that these two might ordinarily never expose, least of all to strangers. I’ve written characters like this, where words fail horribly but expressions, touches, and furtive glances communicate across a crippling void of insecurity or awkwardness. I note how some characters use sex as their primary means to express love and intimacy. It’s all they know. Some are so emotionally stunted that they can barely communicate at all. While this scene is undoubtedly hot(OMG an understatement I confess!) it is the body language that strikes me as most poignant. It’s as if every time these two connect on a deeper level something happens to force them apart. I suspect Silvain is about to pull something to cover being caught by people coming onto the train and perhaps, at Mace’s expense. Hence, “trust me.” As soon as your page appears I yearn for the next. Your fan Always!

    Addendum: It just struck me. Is Mace saying “Trust me?” Oh, I hope so! That makes things most interesting!

  6. Hot dayum! What an easter egg we got ;)

    If Sil doesn’t want to risk a public show then he’ll just have to shoot soon *lol* I hope the ‘mess’ won’t be too bad afterwards, hihi.

    Trust Mace.. yes/no?

  7. i love it, yay thanks.

    Man…, grab a thing or two and they go from all bossy to defensles!

    Silvain and fatty are the best charas! (sorry mace)

  8. Oh, what a nice Easter present! The little bunny pic below is cute too. Sometimes there is not rhyme or reason to why people do things; just the fact that it’s comforting. I slept with a stuffed teddy until I was 30. Then I got a cat who commandeered it for her sleepy times. Now they both sleep at the foot of my bed, and it works just fine for me. :-)

  9. Its’ weird to say it but that’s a beautiful cock. XD I mean like lol it’s realistic. I noticed your coloring style has changed a little and I really like it<3

    Hehee, I wonder if either a lot of people or no one is going to get on the train, maybe it's a stop that Mace knows about?

    anddangSilvain's loaded.

  10. SOMEONE likes agoraphilia…he just doesn’t like admitting it. *cackles* Silvain’s eyebrows are so sexy. I love his eyebrow expressions on this page.

    I have an unhealthy obsession with Sil’s expressions. They are AMAZING.

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