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Day 1

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14 thoughts on “Day 1, Page 13”

  1. Yes i gotta say I’m loving this comic so far. (And the little hover notes you put up there with each page really makes my day.
    The art is beautiful and i can’t wait to learn more about these characters and their colourful lives.
    Thank you for working so hard on this beautiful comic.

    1. The Alt text is my favorite part. I laughed so hard I started to sweat.
      Lovely bird metaphor, it says so much about freedom… Bahahahaha!

  2. Whoah! I just started reading this and I love it already! XD Thanks so much for making this so beautiful! Quick question: is there any way to read the alt text on mobile? :/

  3. i like how bj is a tall manly looking black guy but hes still a bottom, usually in comics the manlier guy is the top and the ‘girly’ smaller guy is the bottom but in reality its not like that at all. im like 172 cm tall and i mostly top (and bottom sometimes :P) and my bf is a tall beauty who likes taking it up the ass ^^