Day 3, Page 12

Chapter 2 in print has finally arrived! I’m so sorry it took this long. $14 with an 18 page BJ and Malek back story. Go forth!

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Day 3

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    1. I have to log in to upvote and I don’t feel like doing that, but your comment had me doing a hearty pirate chortle. I didn’t even know my vocal cords were capable of such a sound. Thank you for that.

  1. OH SHIT, THE BIRD STRIKES BACK! Mace will be thinking, “Pleasedon’tnotice, pleasedon’tnotice….oh shit, Silly noticed. Better get that damn bird.”

      1. Well, he calls the bird “Stealy,” and since Silvain is Sil to him in public, I figure in his head he’d have the same thing as Stealy and be Silly. HA HA HA HA HA. I’m have a very silly mind.

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