11 thoughts on “Day 1, Page 18”

  1. First comment dibs~ I love how he’s like sure, I believe you.

    Oooh, I wonder what’s so important about the ring…<3

    And guy shoulda stayed for a threesome XD

    1. I agree, they are quite gorgeous! I also remember reading somewhere that Alice mentioned Mace having albinism, which explains his other features…

  2. Oho, so this is ‘the guy’! Silvain, huh? He’s clearly not amused here (ಠ_ಠ)… I hope Mace remembers that he saw the little culprit sitting in the tree outside the bar when he came in – with the ring as well if I remember correctly…

  3. Geez. Either he’s not gay, or one of those Dick Bisexuals. If the ring was important, Mr…OH!! Fonzzie Hari!! XP
    Then MAAAAYBE you should’ve taken it off and put it in a safe space…like your Ass

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