14 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 7”

  1. I just found this comic from a link on “Starfighter” and read straight through. The art is beautiful and I take notes from the sass you used. I’ve recommended “Boned” to everyone I know. May you have a great run! I can’t wait for the next page. FYI: I have the Silvain/Mace makeout image on my computer desktop. Oh, my GOD you draw hot men!

  2. Well, at least now Sylvain seems to believe Mace CAN talk to birds :) Gotta love his face in the last panel.
    (LOVE your comic! And your Alt text always cracks me up, SO much. I’m waiting almost as impatiently for the Alt text than for the new page!)

  3. I just discover the comic and I have to say that I love it! The art is just amazing and the characters completely hot! :D Mace and Silvain are my favorite.

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