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    1. I just spent a very frustratinf time looking for a biography of that cute man and all I found were bare facts about his work with the Trashmen. Steve Wahrer died in 1989 at 47 of throat cancer and left no trace of a biography.

  1. they are not deep, they are being stupid because they are stoned. none of this will make sense in the morning. but they might have made progress anyway.

  2. Oh my, look at dem pupils dilate! Yup, there he goes… off to wonderland~

    Most of all, I’m loving the way Mace has propped himself attentively next to him, keeping a sharp eye on his state as he monitors his journey; verbally acknowledging his disconnected chattering but with a silent “Oh no, Sil honey, that’s just the drugs talking” look on his face- XD

    I guess I understand now why Mace took him to the darkened museum. Minimal light, colors and noise should provide a calm environment so Silvain can at least have a ‘good trip’ instead of a ‘bad’ one. The poor guy has had it rough enough.

    Also, seeing Mace *play nurse* for Silvain makes me quite happy :)

  3. Silvy, has anyone ever told you you look TEN times hotter when your hair is all mussed up like that?

    Of course, you probably won’t remember this as you are stoned as a canary that just found a gas leak (although the canary would technically be dead, it’s the image that counts), but I just thought I’d mention that.

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