21 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 40”

  1. The great philosopher :D

    This reminds me of something I read recently: Give a bunch of potheads a load of good weed but nothing to smoke it with, and suddently they all become engineers.

    … or something very close to that xD

  2. Silvain could make an awesome remix with Afroman right about now

    ♪ Trapped in a cosmic ourboros
    I’m so fucking high…

    I’m seeing things in technicolor
    I’m so fucking high…

    I’m getting deeper than Carl Jung
    There is no why

    [Mace: No why man?]

    Hey, hey… I’m so fucking high…
    I’m so fucking high…
    I’m so fucking hiiiiiiiiiiiigh… ♫

  3. There’s always that moment, whether you’re drinking or smoking weed, where you just realize that you are fucked up and have to say something about it to someone who’s less fucked-up than you.

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