16 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 8”

    1. Actually, in that panel, it’s Mace who remembers that Silvain is Quebecois, while BJ just assumed that Silvain is French. I guess BJ got that from Silvain’s accent and his guess is better than Mace’s was, who at first thought Silvain was a Swedish spy.

  1. I really like your use of angles on this page. What a nice way to get full frontal and a double booty look while making this a completly ‘normal’ and non-sexual page (but still sexy as hell).

    Mace is so cute. Out of energy, but not enough to let the chance of studying a naked Sil go unused ;)

  2. Mace, you’re out of condoms. Mace, no condoms. Mace! Out of–! Oh, well, there is plenty you can do safely without condoms. Enjoy!

    Oh, and this time Mace remembered that Silvain was Quebecois. This is serious.

  3. Somewhere in the distance: “the start of something…neeeewwwwww.”

    Seriously, I just fracking love them together. I mean, Mace remembered that Sil is Quebecois. They might as well be engaged now.

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