13 thoughts on “Day 1, Page 24”

  1. I’m going to use that same bit someday. I mean, not in one of my creative works, but on the street.

    Maybe downtown in front of the Renaissance Hotel, after a guy asks me what time it is and I tell him I’m not wearing a watch. He’ll walk off and I’ll yell, “Hey, you wanna fuck or something?” And I’ll watch his expression and savor the awkward.

    Or he’ll push me in front of an oncoming bus.

    One thing that won’t happen is that we actually go in the hotel and fuck. That’s just not how my luck runs.

    1. Omg, this is hilarious! And kinda inspiring… hmmm, now I wanna try it too. God help me if the guy actually says yes tho. I’d probably just stand there with Silvain’s exact expression on my face :P

  2. annnd…is that supposed to RUIN it MORE or make it better?
    Also, LLLLLOVE {Pompador’s} Expression in the final panel. He HONESTLY IS veyr Hot, and if I could hear his voice… ~Grrrrrowl.~

  3. Silvain: “Just go ruin somebody else’s night, all right?”
    Mace *thoughts and cute*: ” I ruin people’s nights? Oh aren’t I precious! But seriously wanna fuck? Or something….?”
    Silvain *looks at him with that expression*: “Who are you and why are you talking to me?”
    Mace: “So is that a… no?”

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