17 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 25”

  1. I love how Silvain is just standing there like all of this is perfectly normal. He’s given up on realism, at this point in his relationship with Mace.

  2. This has gone in an odd direction for a comic I picked up in order to see two men get naked together…
    Will this in some way inform their next erotic scene? Birdplay?

  3. Somehow I can’t think of a Disneyfication of this page. I’VE LOST MY DISNEYFYING POWERS!!!!

    WAIIIIIIIIIIIIT. *cue Feed the Birds song* Okay, that works…sort of.

    Silvain is kind of like, “Okay, what’s going on?” and Mace is like, “I have no fucking clue.”

  4. Has anyone ever thought about how powerful Mace could become with his ability to commune with birds? >:-) I hope he has a dark side, besides the one down-under

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