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          1. Don’t forget to complete your sugary ensemble with a candy necklace — the snack that leaves a rainbow hickie on your neck.

          2. I think they may be trying to kill you with suggestions for American “candy”. If anyone tries to give you a peep leave immediately.

          3. I remember when Peeps used to be mostly only found around Easter times.

            Then they invaded the other holidays….and added colors other than yellow and pink.

          4. Wow, Doki…. I… I had no idea there were so much variety with this stuff!! I’ve been missing out, lol. But chocolate is my weakness tho, so you know which ones I plan to sample, hehe… thx babe<3

          5. Peeps aren’t so bad if they are properly stale. My foodie friends refer to it as “dry aging.”

          6. Because of the quotes I’m reading that with two meanings, heh… good advice both ways :D. Peeps are the marshmallow bunny thingy right? I remember seeing them a lot growing up, but not anymore…

          7. According to my family, who lives in Europe, you need Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Butterfinger in your life. That’s always what I have to bring when I visit from them here American lands. Just saying :)

  1. Let’s continue with our Disney-smashalong, shall we? (Because I have a migraine and seriously, I have fun doing this.)

    Budgy: “Who disturbs my slumber?”
    Mace: “It is I, Mace and Silvy. We’ve come to get the ring you’ve stolen.” *budgy does Scar routine*
    Silvy (whispering): “That couldn’t have gone any worse.”
    Mace: “Wanna bet?”
    Pigeon: Pigeonese.
    Mace: Coo-coo-coococoo-coo-choo.

    And where shall the Pigeon lead us?

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