28 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 23”

    1. My guess is that Mace recognized the background from the photos BJ showed them… and since one of the pics had Stealy in it (with the ring), I guess he knew exactly where to look for the little thief :D

      I’m just amazed that his nerdy brain even matched those pics to a precise location in the city. I mean, NYC’s a big place and the photos were close ups. The backgrounds could have been anywhere. Unless one of the photos had something special in it that gave it away. Either that or Mace in the new mentalist, lol

    2. These parrots can fly about a wide area but they live in specific colonies. Seeing the scarecrow reminded him to use his brain. He probably asked himself, “Where is the roosting place of the nearest parrot colony?” and remembered this cemetery.

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