19 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 24”

    1. I’m kinda looking forward to seeing Silvain all trippy as shit from his usual uptight demeanour XD. And with Mace having to be the ‘responsible’ one between them should be another heap of laughs by itself, haha!

      Unless Natalya is just dicking with them. Me and the pile of tiny people will be rather disappointed if this is the case.

    1. I wonder if he’s ever had this much stuff happen to him in his entire life! But from knowing Mace, it’s all happening in practically two days flat XD

          1. That is oddly reminiscent of Christmas and Birthday wish list.
            On side note, this whole conversation is making my question career choices I have made.

  1. From the moment Silvain found Mace in that bathroom stall it’s been one roller coaster ride after another. And now, an acid trip. Well, at least this relationship is going places… hahahahahahaha

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