12 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 21”

  1. Just when I thought Mace couldn’t get to be any more of a fscking lunatic, and now Sil is getting him to go “back down the rabbit hole” where, hopefully once this adventure is over to some degree, he’ll wreak just ALL of the havoc.

  2. ‘A different colour’, ‘wizard’, hmmm? I’m 70% sure those are some actual landmarks Alice has incorporated into the pages here. And I feel there there’s clues dropping all over these pages, but sadly my lack of Canadianism is making me a total failure at figuring it out *le sigh*

    Round two goes to you too, ghosty genius boy….

    1. I don’t know about different colour, but isn’t Frank Morgan the wizard of oz buried somewhere in NYC? Only thing that prompted me was this whole trip to the cemetery was set off when he saw wizard of oz characters near the restaurant.

      1. OMG, I think you hit the nail on the head!! So I googled Frank Morgan’s grave and once I saw an image of Greenwood Cemetery, I knew you were right. Look at the main entrance, it’s just what Alice drew on pg 19… .

        That is so awesome! You are so awesome, thanks for pointing that out~☆ I really enjoy the realism in this comic.

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