Day 3, Page 20

I’m back home with no promises of on time updates. Shit’s all over the board with jobs and life right now. I’ll do my best.

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Day 3

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14 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 20”

  1. Surprise update *yay* glad you’re back, Alice! ?
    Now what does Mace mean by a grave of a different color?? I’m not even gonna pretend I can guess that one ;_; might have a white padded room waiting for me when I’m done :P

    And come on, Sil… don’t be stopping Mace on the pretense that you want answers; we all know you’re scared of that bird. It even threw Nena off her game, haha…

    1. ALICE is Officially FIRED from her DUTIES of OFFICAL BIIRD ARTIST that is a TERRIBLE OWL???????

      She’s all liek WAH ITS NOT AN OWL BLAH BLAH BLAH

      truly the worst owl ive ever seen. F- alice youre fired from illustrating my alt text

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