22 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 9”

  1. Omfg I love how casual they seem about the convo XD S’lik BJ is like this is not normal why is this-oh fuck it I’m not normal alright, and lol Malek’s just so calm and suave xD;

    I wonder what’s on that fortune cookie paper xD;

  2. Haha, so Silvain was the reason he got thrown out first thing in the morning? No nookie, no freebie. Gotta have value for money, amirite?

    And OMG, you crack me up Nena! BJ with a George Michael = +1000000!
    Mace would have done well with a Dali too, which he could appropriately twirl between his fingers as he goes about the city analyzing cryptic messages from the birds. That would be epic.

  3. The first version was funny. Nice touch on the mundane conversation regarding nothing mundane, but the second version was pure gold!!! I love slutty Mace by the way. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. When you just start reading a comic, read for several awesome pages, and have to wait for an update. ;_;

    I’ve fallen in love with this comic. Great story and great art. Can’t wait for more. :)

  5. That stached page was too much. “I only they have goatees..”-Makel
    *kiss* “Good girl.” – Mace
    Mace’s face with the fortune cookie was priceless. He found something goood! XD :3

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