19 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 10”

  1. I am king of this cotton ball, it is my cotton ball.

    So… excuse me while I laugh out my stomach, and several other vital organs because I can’t… I can’t… xDD

  2. The art in these panels is simply beautiful. The facial expressions convey so many subtleties as to leave me intrigue as to what is going on beneath the surface of each. Save for Brent; I know he is thinking “Mace, shut UP! Just. SHUT the F**K UP!” I am so torn. I am drawn to Mace, because he is so exotic and pretty. Silvain oozes sex appeal(and I’ve never been into facial hair before but Silvain’s…YUM), and oh, MALEK. I am such a sucker for swarthy Mediterraneans. His facial expressions have been very entertaining, especially when he said “We’ve met” about Mace. Need I say anything about Fatty? Alice, you have a talent for adorable animals. They say nothing but they steal the show. I’m hooked forever on “Boned.” Yours, Don.

  3. “Geh! Almost there! Ahaha! Success! I have reached top of Mount Cotton Ball! I am King of this Cotton Ball! It is my Cotton Ball! MINE!” – Fatty
    I think Mace wants to have good luck. :3

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