20 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 11”

  1. This little bird is juste so cute sitting on Mace’s head :3 We can see a little improvement on Sylvain’s side huh :p He’s already talking about anniversary ;) And Mace is so sweet and his eeeyessss! I’m just dying!

  2. I love how Mace literally has no clue that he’s doing something. And I also love in the fifth panel where both of their faces just freeze like, “Let’s just pretend we didn’t hear anything and be non-confrontational about it.”

    I really hope that Malek tells something to BJ about being rude to Mace. I don’t really think Mace deserves what he’s getting here. It feels kinda wrong that BJ should try to push his own best friend aside just to keep Malek’s sensibilities intact, which Malek doesn’t even seem to give two shits about.

  3. My roomate and I read this and she swears up and down I’m mace over the fact that she’s terrified to let me meet her boyfriends.
    I made a twenty two year old man blubber cry and beg for forgiveness once and I’m not ashamed in the least XD
    I’ve basically told her that if they can’t handle me to be with her they aren’t worth it. So far? Good game plan.

  4. Wait set who on fire accidentally hehehe this sounds like an interesting story and Fatty is now sitting on Mace’s head like it is a white nest lol :D

  5. The bird must be thinking, “Can you stop now? We are at a stop and I am H.U.N.G.R.E.Y! Feed me now!”
    Also such commitment with their 48 hr anniversary coming up. Congrats guys! XD :3

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