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  1. I’m legitimately worried about their relationship, now. I wonder how many of Brent’s relationships have been ruined by Mace? It’s got to be a significant number. How many people has Brent had to give up on? And how many people have turned him down because he associates with Mace? It’s a pretty sobering thought.

    1. yeah but I don’t get it, why does mace affect their judgment? i mean do people actually stop dating/having sex with someone because one of their friends is kinda wierd?
      i get the guy who broke up with Brent because mace had given him a blow job, but Malek and Mace just talked. and Malek kicked his ass out of a hotel, but is that seriously enough of a deal breaker??

    2. I would be in heaven!! A relationship with an awesome guy, and the awesome entertainment that is provided by his friend that I can simply enjoy through observation and not participation!

    1. I don’t suspect he will either. I suppose he thinks he’s just being honest, which is commendable of him, actually. But when your ‘honesty’ is judgy, close-minded and have absolutely nothing to do with Brent in particular… then throwing the “I like you, but your friend…” line at him is a really dick thing to say. Brent’s a really sweet guy, so I hope as time passes by that matters more to him than the one ‘not-crazy’ guy he sometimes associate with.
      And Malek seems like a pretty smart guy to me ;)

  2. I seriously can’t understand why Mace has been such a deal-breaker in so many of Brent’s relationships. Brent must date some seriously stuck up vanilla pricks. I can’t figure out why everyone treats Mace like garbage sometimes. He isn’t that bad of a guy, really, people just don’t seem willing to accept him. I guess because I have so many friends like him, I don’t see the problem, but I dunno? Does anyone else think it’s a little bizarre that so many characters are standoffish about him?

  3. Hello! I must say that I love this comic. Mace is great, he is sooo much fun. I would like him to be my friend (if he was/were real). I keep wondering about why the creepy ring is so important to Silvain ( very good looking and intriguing character), I imagine it belonged to someone he loved (a lover, a relative…)and passed away. Or that he has not gotten over yet (husband, long term lover…) to say the least. I like the first option better.Of course Malek and Brent are wonderful, I really hope them to become more than casual lovers or f***k buddies. Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  4. People think that Malek is being extreme and that Mace is a not such a bad guy but honestly, would you really be friends with a trouble prone guy or be in a relationship with a person who has a troublesome friend?
    I really like Mace but in reality I don’t think I want to be involved with a person like Mace. By being his friend you get pulled into the drama of his life because you value him as friend and would want to help him.
    And honestly, if your significant other has a friend who causes trouble for your partner and your partner must dedicate alot of their time to their friend you are not going to like that.

    1. I wouldn’t want to be involved with a person like Mace, either. Mainly, this is because I love birds and knowing someone who can talk to birds would fill me with such bitter envy that our friendship wouldn’t last. I might try to eat his heart to absorb his power or something (kidding! kinda).

      Beyond that, I still think Malek is making some hasty judgments. We infer that Mace is no stranger to drugs, but we also know that his albinism makes him sensitive to light (explaining his narrow pupils). This could be a bit hair-splitty, but Malek doesn’t know if Mace is actually an ex-felon. He admitted to probation – not parole – and could have committed a misdemeanor. On the other hand, Malek had to remove Mace from a hotel, has seen him with a bird on his head, and overheard him admit to setting someone on fire.

      I suppose if Malek doesn’t do drama, he shouldn’t be dating someone whose job is to interact with criminals outside of a correctional facility.

      1. Totally agree! And anyway it seems that it has been a long time since Mace had trouble with the system or laws (or maybe drug abuse o whatever), as I see it, Mace has gotten over that situation and it was because of Brent´s help. When you have a person who supports you in your lowest point in life and/or you are that rock for somebody else, I think it´s not unusual to create really deep bonds. I don´t think there is any drama between Brent and Mace now (or in the present story). But, Malek doesn´t know it , right? Right now he has very little information, and that info. is raising his “red flags”… but it seems that he´s open to listen the whole story before judging and make decisions.

    2. “…would you really be friends with a trouble prone guy or be in a relationship with a person who has a troublesome friend?”

      – Uh, yes? I don’t see why I should ditch someone only because they’ve got a troublesome friend. I also don’t see why I should ditch someone because they are “troublesome”. If they’re my friend, it would need a lot of wrong-doings on their part for me to break that friendship.

      I don’t know, I find that “holier-than-thou” attitude appalling. None of us is perfect, and what exactly constitutes “troublesome”? That he’s doing drugs? Well, he’s doing it to himself, isn’t he? I’d be more concerned if he’d be trafficking them. That he’s an “ex-felon”? As someone here commented, probation isn’t parole, it might’ve been a misdemeanor.

      But I don’t mean to defend Mace, he is kind of a weird guy (again, that doesn’t make him any less acceptable). I get the feeling, though, that Malek isn’t really calling BJ out over Mace, but rather probing for more information.

  5. At first I thought Silvain was giving Malek his number but now I realise it’s just the fortune from the fortune cookie just being passed along. Hopeful Malek will take it more to heart than Mace and Silvain did.

  6. If I were Malek, my worries wouldn’t be so much that Brent has a weird friend, but that he allowed Mace to live with him while he was Mace’s probation officer. Knowing people with shady backgrounds is kind of a given, with BJ’s job. Letting them live with you isn’t very professional though. That’s the kind of thing that would raise an eyebrow for me, as a prospective lover. The question becomes: “Okay, so later on, when we’re living together, who else are you going to bring home and keep in the guest bedroom?”

  7. Fatty must be like, “What’s up peps! I swear he’s not crazy even though he talks to me and has those eyes… I swear he is sane… I think?”

    The ALT text makes me think of “Call Me Maybe.” Good job! XD :3

  8. I didn’t notice the pupils. Are Mace’s pills Oxy? He seems too manic for downers but that seems to be the implication, and that would be unfortunate.

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