Day 2, Page 13

I was surprised by the conversation on the last page. It was really interesting reading everyone’s reaction and I’m going to resist weighing in but hopefully this clears up a bit.

Life circumstances might make pages look crappier than normal for a while but I’ll fix everything before print. Nena hasn’t been able to work her alt text magic yet so you can’t stop hovering over the page in distress! Aw yeah.

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Day 2

14 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 13”

  1. 1, first post fuck yes, two, awwwh Malek, looking at the brightside of a fortune cookie donated to you from Silvain who hand me down’d it from Mace who stole it from a fatty.

    1. I was hoping that fortune cookie would move along the line for the benefit of everyone who received it. Now we just have to see how grumpy old Silvain takes it.

  2. I love how absolutely offended BJ looks in the second panel. Like of course he’s expected a third date, he’s a hot piece of ass and knows it and they connected well. Mace shouldn’t get in the way and BJ’s just as offended by that supposition as we were. I love how much their expressions say, as well.

  3. I’m so glad you took out an ad for this on Ygallery because I never would have found this awesome comic. I’m going to read religiously. This is great so I look forward to more :D

  4. The kicker of this is that Malek’s on top, that just makes him even more delicious (and srsly guys, buy the books when they come out, lots of good shit in there yo!)

  5. Hey I just started / finished your comic and I really love it so far. I love the interaction with the characters, and the parrot is so cute I can’t help myself! I’m actually quite excited to see where it goes with the parrot (he should totally take the fat one home!)

    Also, the dynamic between Malek and BJ reminds me a bit of Collins and Angel from RENT. BJ looks like the tougher one, but he’s totally the bottom ;)

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