47 thoughts on “Day 2, Page 28”

    1. But he’s not just a mule, he’s a gem mule, so he should also be embedded with various jewels.

  1. *LOL*.. Mace’s reaction. One thing is finding out that Sil is now also doing things against the law, but finding out that he hasn’t given him compliments, now THAT is horrible.

    How dare he! That’s the true crime ;)

  2. ::reads page. Blinks. Reads Again:: BWAH-HAHAHA!!! Alice, have you seen a movie called “Ruthless People”? I’m beginning to see Silvain as Judge Reinhold’s character, Ken Kessler. “Excuse me, I um, I need advice from a real thief…” This story gets better and better.

  3. *Gasp* Oh no you didn’t!
    Silvain has got some nerve, lol. You lost a two-million dollar item you were smuggling (which I assume will make someone out there very angry) all because you couldn’t tame your dick and now the fallback of events has placed you on the front row seat of an acid trip bus. And the only person assisting you with all this drama is Mace. Bitch, he better be the cutest thing in your entire universe right about now XD

  4. Damn, I guess Silvain and Mace are well suited to each other after all! And that last panel, priceless! You tell him Mace, with your narcoleptic self, who can’t even stay awake long enough to get properly fucked by a hot guy. :-P

  5. ik everyone is commenting about this but “BITCH I’M THE CUTEST” IS THE BEST LINE I’M DYING! and Silv putting his head on Mace’s shoulder gave me a lot of sudden feels I wasn’t ready for so yeah. thanks for that.

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