Day 3

I’m still not ready to resume updating but here is a thing yay!!

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Day 3

32 thoughts on “Day 3”

        1. Monty Python sketch, long story short, man comes in with a dead parrot that was sold to him at one point he screams “THIS IS AN EX-PARROT!” at the shop owner.

  1. A thing is cool! I’m looking forward to more!! I just found your comic and WOW! I’m impressed! The characters, the artwork, the dialogue! I especially commend the dialogue god it’s great! The characters are amazing and beautiful! Squee! Looking forward to more things!!

  2. Is this going to be updated soon? I keep checking in and nada. It’s been nearly 2 months now. Hope everything’s been going ok with the move and whatnot.

      1. OMG ants! GEH! Take care of yourself and your family. I’d just wondered if things were ok. Guess they’re not. Hope things get better for you guys. Will keep checking back in now and then to see how things are going.

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