17 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 28”

  1. I just found/caught up with this comic a couple weeks ago and I’m captivated. The art is gorgeous and the story is one of the best I’ve read in comics (web or otherwise). I’m so glad you updated!

    1. I envy the people who come a bit later than me because I think about all the waiting and bam, you just read through the whole thing. I’m going cry when this is finis- ohwaitthisbooksnevergonnabedonebecauseiloveitsomuchpleasedonteverendthiscomic

  2. LOL… Very different reactions from them. Mace has rather enjoyed this adventure and verty weird situation. Not a lot of relief from Sil for getting the ring back. Isn’t he sure how to handle this now? Is he feeling a weird sadness this is over and/or isn’t he sure how to react towards Mace now that they don’t have a reason to spend time together.

    Are they both having that feeling of not knowing what to say in that last panel? Will be interesting to see what next page bring.

    (I hope that I’m reading some sexual tension in there too *lol*)

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