8 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 32”

  1. awww…. I was hoping to see some prep work being done first. Fingering and stretching and lube are sexy as hell and I kinda wish it wasn’t glossed over so often.

  2. This is a page iv been waiting for for a long time, bit its a bit “Clean” like someone said before, what about the prep? Its hot as hell, and so is this, but there is also some detail avoided in this as well. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy this, god damn I love this comic, just, kinda looks like he is fucking an invisible asshole?

  3. I love all the pleasure faces you do in this comic. First BJ’s in the hotel, then Silvain’s on the train, now Mace’s on this page, I just. Hff. Love pleasure faces.

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