Day 3, Page 14

Sorry it’s late, I blew my back out. Guessing I won’t make next week’s update either.

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Day 3

27 thoughts on “Day 3, Page 14”

  1. God…
    I started this webcomic yesterday night and I still don’t know how I managed to go to bed at 3 in the morning WITHOUT reading all the pages, but I FINALLY got some time to finish it now.
    And god.
    Or should I just say “Mace” ? I think it would just be a perfect way to eradicate “oh god” from my vocabulary.

    Thank you so much, Alice and Nena (sorry, I can’t help it but thinking of “99 luftballons” whenever I read your name), for all the bursts of laughter and all the nosebleed this comic caused to my fletch and soul.
    And the art’s beautiful.
    And I totaly worship Queen-of-the-Rings Stealy. And the earring of BJ in this page. And the poor-not-so-poor-because-he-is-in-a-relationship-whatever-this-relationship-is-with-Mace Silvain.

    Keep going, I love you two and this comic. Really. You deserve the best !

  2. Yeah.. better remember not to say too much to your former probation officer – who might still a probabtion officer (can’t remember if he still is or it hasn’t been told) – even though he’s now Mace’s best friend.

    Sil could actually be getting Mace involved in all sorts of new serious trouble. Maybe more than he’s been in before (depending on what he’s done so far) if this goes wrong.
    Not that Mace isn’t currently taking Sil on a tour in the risky and bizare, but Mace is already been a felon.
    Wouldn’t want to get in the police’s spotlight again.

  3. Oh! I just read the last handful of pages again, and finally noticed something I didn’t think of before, so I know this is late-ish. Camille apparently works in security somewhere. Depending on what for and where, it might not be so very good that she’s spending time with a ‘fence’. That could the the set-up for something bad.

    Wonder if Mace is going to tell BJ about Cami’s new girlfriend at some point, or if he’ll keep it secret as a help to himself? Just like Mace is holding back some things from BJ again here.

  4. Just want to share that whenever I see his name, I call him Mace Windu in my head… and then I read his speech bubbles in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice.

  5. Mace, it’s a bad thing if you can’t text in today’s world. We survive on texting.

    And I’m sorry you blew out your back. Pain isn’t a good feeling (and I know pain veeeeeeeery well. We’re good friends. Damn lupus.) Soak your back and rest up!

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